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Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers for Victims of Drunk Driving Accidents

Alcohol and driving is a dangerous and sometimes lethal combination. Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or driving while intoxicated (DWI) is against the law and considered to be negligent as well as criminal behavior.

Research shows that driving impairment can occur before an individual’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reaches the legal level necessary to be guilty of drunk driving. Therefore, when a car accident occurs as a result of the negligence of a driver who has consumed alcohol, the question is not if the driver is legally intoxicated but if the driver failed to safely navigate his or her vehicle after consuming alcohol.

The number of alcohol-related fatalities that occur each year demonstrate the catastrophic losses incurred as a result of drunk driving accidents. Statistics show that alcohol-impaired drivers are responsible for one drunk driving car accident death every 48 minutes.  One in three crash deaths are caused by drunk drivers who are responsible for taking over 10,000 human lives each year.  This accounts for close to 31% of the traffic-related fatalities in the United States. Furthermore, 170,000 people are injured at the hands of a drunk driver annually.

The legal limit for drunk driving in all fifty states is a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of .08. At the BAC level of .08 a driver is in an impaired state that makes him 11 times more likely to have a car accident than a driver who hasn’t consumed any alcohol. Even after one drink, deficiencies in judgment and responsiveness can result. Intoxicated drivers experience some of the following impairments while driving drunk:

  • Vision and depth perception.
  • Inability to multi-task.
  • Slower reaction and response times.
  • Difficulty steering & inability to judge speed.
  • Trouble tracking moving objects and detecting danger.
  • Poor coordination including balance, speech and hearing.

Car Accident Lawsuits against Drunk Drivers

Drunk driving affects many people including the victims of car accidents and pedestrian accidents, and the family and friends of the accident victims.  An intoxicated driver can be held liable for their actions when a drunk driving car accident occurs.  A person driving under the influence can encounter both criminal and civil charges from driving drunk.  The criminal charges a drunk driver can face include a suspended license, monetary fines, or jail time.

Personal injury lawsuits or wrongful death lawsuits can be filed against impaired drivers when victims are injured or killed in an auto accident as a result of the negligence of the drunk driver.  A drunk driving accident victim may be entitled to compensation for personal injuries and other losses sustained. This is when the knowledge, skill and experience of the Philadelphia car accident lawyers at Lessin & Gompers can be invaluable to ensure maximum recovery for your injuries, pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and property damage.

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers at Lessin & Gompers Skillfully Represent Victims of Drunk Drivers

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