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Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers Represent Victims of Aggressive Driving Accidents

Incidents of aggressive driving have increased on U.S. roadways endangering many individuals and posing a serious risk for car accidents.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), aggressive driving includes any type of behavior in which a driver deliberately ignores traffic laws and basic common courtesy, putting others in danger.  Aggressive driving needlessly puts the driver, other drivers and innocent bystanders at risk of injury from avoidable car accidents.

Common Aggressive Driving Behaviors to Avoid

Car accidents involving aggressive driving and the deliberate actions of a hostile driver can result in serious and sometimes fatal injuries.  Some common indications of aggressive driving include:

  • Cutting off another driver without warning
  • Carelessly moving through traffic, without regard for the safety of others
  • Antagonistic tailgating
  • Repeated and unwarranted lane changes
  • Running red lights
  • Flashing headlights or beeping the horn at another driver for antagonistic reasons
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive or rude gestures
  • Verbally abusing another driver

You can attempt to avoid an accident caused by aggressive driving by following a few important tips.  Do not engage with or confront the aggressive driver.  This is likely to exacerbate the situation and may result in harm.  Allow the aggressive driver to pass your car on the road.  In certain situations, it may be advisable to pull over or leave the roadway to eliminate the risk of an aggressive driving car accident.

Sadly, there are times when an incident of aggressive driving causes a car accident.  If you find yourself the victim of an aggressive driver, contact the police.  Aggressive driving is a traffic violation for which the offender can be held accountable.  Moreover, you will need to obtain all necessary information from the hostile driver in the event of an accident to ensure you are compensated for all entitled damages.

Road Rage Often Leads to Car Accidents

There are times when aggressive driving behavior can escalate, leading to road rage.  Road rage is a more serious, criminal offense.  Road rage occurs if a driver intentionally uses their vehicle to threaten another motorist.  Some common signs of road rage include:

  • Yelling at other drivers
  • Making obscene hand gestures aimed at another driver
  • Using profanity directed at another driver
  • Intentionally obstructing or preventing another driver with their vehicle
  • Purposely braking suddenly in front of another vehicle
  • Physically confronting another driver

A motorist exhibiting road rage behaviors can be charged criminally.  The driver who engaged in road rage can be found guilty of vehicular assault.  A perpetrator of road rage will especially be held responsible in instances of a fatal car accident.

There are measures motorists can take to protect themselves from an aggressive driver or an incident of road rage.  Always allow ample traveling time to avoid rushing and know what to do in the event you become the victim of an aggressive driving incident. To safeguard yourself and decrease the chance of a car accident, never confront an aggressive or enraged driver.

Aggressive driving and road rage are serious issues that pose a real hazard on American roadways.  Both types of behavior can cause non-fatal and fatal injuries along with property damage to one’s car.  A victim of aggressive driving or road rage should consult with a knowledgeable Philadelphia car accident lawyer to discuss a potential personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers at Lessin & Gompers Obtain Compensation for Aggressive Driving Car Accident Victims

Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at Lessin & Gompers successfully represent individuals injured as a result of an aggressive driving car accident.  Our Philadelphia car accident lawyers will pursue any and all compensation entitled to injured victims.  Our personal injury law firm has two offices conveniently located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Voorhees, New Jersey.  Call our experienced Philadelphia motor vehicle accident lawyers today at 1-800-885-2929 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.