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Lessin & Gompers - Philadelphia Personal Injury LawyersGeoffrey Gompers and Jeffrey Lessin

For over 30 years, Jeffrey Lessin and Geoffrey Gompers have been personal injury litigation industry leaders in in Philadelphia, New Jersey and their surrounding counties. Not only do we get results for our clients, our fee agreements allow them to keep more of their money!  That means a lot given that our verdicts and settlements have reached as high to $10,000,000.00.

We charge our clients only 29 percent* for personal injury cases that settle before a suit is filed. Most Philadelphia injury lawyers charge their clients 40 percent which is a lot for a case that settles without a lawsuit being filed.  Our idea is simple:  Why pay your personal injury lawyer 40 percent when you can pay Lessin and Gompers only 29 percent* – and keep more of your settlement? Contact Lessin & Gompers at www.29percentlaw.com now!  Or call us at 800-885-2929.

Our personal injury lawyers at Lessin & Gompers have litigated before all state and federal courts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and even before the United States Supreme Court.  We are not afraid of trying cases and we will push for every last dollar!

For our clients who have been the victim of serious personal injury accidents – including car accidents, slip and fall accidents, amputations, medical malpractice and wrongful death – we provide experienced legal counsel, while maximizing our clients’ financial settlements by charging only 29 percent* pre-suit in contingency fees.

Some of the types of claims we handle on behalf of injured victims include:

Personal injury accidents can have long-term physical consequences and can involve high medical costs. Seeking justice for our clients is our top priority.  We believe a satisfied client will recommend our firm to others.

We all know that an educated consumer makes the best client. We encourage our clients to consider the following factors when hiring a personal injury lawyer.

  • Contingency fees mean that you only pay attorney fees if they win the case
  • Typical contingency fees are 40 percent, whereas Lessin & Gompers only charge 29 percent*. Always ask a lawyer to explain their reasoning for setting high contingency rates.
  • Do not accept the reasoning that 40 percent is what everyone else charges. You are the one injured. You deserve to be fully compensated.

Our results are reflected in our verdicts. We have successfully handled a wide range of personal injury cases that have resulted in record-setting verdicts upwards of $10 million. Our recoveries in the last year alone include multiple results over $1,000,000.00.  Members of our firm have recognition as Super Lawyers and Top Lawyers in Pennsylvania.  Call one of our experienced personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia at Lessin & Gompers at 800-885-2929 to set up a free consultation for your accident case or contact us online. You owe us nothing unless we collect on your Personal Injury Claim.

*29 percent fee if pre-suit, settled out of court; attorneys’ fees are 32 percent if a lawsuit is filed; attorneys’ fees increase to 38 percent if the case goes to trial.